MABU Apartment


Three friends In the Berlin Wins Quarter share a redone and newly designed apartment. In order to create enough space for everybody two units stretching over three stories were combined. The studio llot llov planned, designed and decorated the new arrangement and turned it into a liveable, uncluttered and cosy place.

For friends to become room-mates rather than neighbours llot llov made out of two independent apartments one single apartment with 220 square meters. The kitchen and the living room became generous spaces for social interaction.

In their very particular llot llov style, they managed to create an apartment with definite character. Slight nuances between cool and pastel shades contrast with warm materials like sea pine or waxed copper.

Instead of using prefabricated furniture, llot llov used products of their own label combined with made to measure solutions which reflected their clients’ requests. A specific focus was to create space for guests. For this reason the dinner table made from varnished boards as well as the living room couch were planned from the beginning to be unusually big. The dining area becomes a banquet hall with a rustic bench. The wired stools “Grit” with cork surface can be added. The living room turns into a lounge, discreetly decorated with grey benches and white walls, colour is added with pillows and upholstery. Following the Tetris principle the large pillows on top of and next to each other form a kind of landscape. The powdery colours in beige, pink and blue suggest summer. Planters as well as hanging flowerpots cater to the clients wish for an LA –feeling.



Like the living and dining areas the kitchen is also designed to serve many people. The counter does not run along the wall: but is jutting out like an island with its small side fixed to the wall. For the surface waxed copper was chosen to show the wear and tear. With time the now shining red metal will be coated with patina and might slightly change the appearance of the room. Spotlights and safety outlets are hanging from a black metal construction and lend the kitchen a workshop like appeal.



Year: 2015
Task: Concept, interior design, furniture design, styling, joinery, site management
Size: 220 sqm
Materials: copper, sea pine wood, concrete, powder coated steel, old wood, fabrics (febrik)
Project: MABU Apartment
Category: Residential
Photo: Ender Suenni