When creating the concept of the interior, the design studio llot llov immersed the concept of the open architecture already given by the space.
In order to support pure aesthetic, the wood used in the building process is left natural, but combined with white surfaces and mirrors. The aim is to create light and elegant atmosphere with these simple and raw materials.
The mobility of the modules is an essential part of the concept, enabling a regular change in appearance through time. The inspiration for the modules come from various vehicles of different decades. The idea is that these vehicles transport the chosen items to BAERCK in Berlin. Each module is lead by a different inspiration, for example a droshky, an old ford or an old truck. The style of the different labels and pieces are supported by the look of furniture.

Fashion and accessories are presented on the ground floor, an airy stairway leads down into the basement, where furniture, life-style and interior products are on display of llot llov and friends.


Year: 2010
Task: Concept, interior design, furniture design, lighting design, styling, joinery, site management
Size: 150 sqm, 2 floors
Materials: Pine wood, ash wood, chipboard, dry wall, steel (powdercoated), multiplex, mirror, glass, alcantara, polyester, nettle, silk
Project: BAERCK
Category: Concept Store
Location: Mulackstraße 12, Berlin
Photo: Vera Hofmann