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The three sculptures 'Thomas', 'Edison' and 'Alva' offer an arty alternative to decorate a wall. Their eccentric shapes have been adapted from high voltage insulators. Usually, these are made out of ceramic to isolate the fixing of electrical conductors.

By hanging all of them on a wall, their varying shapes have the effect of creating a dynamic picture. Further, they could be used as wall knobs.

Due to its size, ‘Thomas’ also serves the purpose of an easy and practical alternative to a clothes hanger. It is available in black.

With its delicate shape, ‘Edison’ can also function to hook a hanger. It is made out of Ash wood which gives the technical shape an almost feminine touch.

‘Alva’ has a soft white surface and therefore stands out. It too is suitable as hook.

Launched: 2010
Manufactured by: llot llov – ARTWORK SHOP GmbH

photo credit: Vera Hofmann

photo credit: Nicolo Lanfranchi

Research images of isolators.