Osis Edition 1


It is obvious that this gang of three belongs together, but at the same time each of them is pretty confident standing on their own one feet. Osis table tops are made of salt-treated spruce wood and come into the third dimension as a cube with one open side. The base is made of powder-coated steel and available in three versions.

Squared and Bold offer an additional surface in two different heights that can be used for storage, the small Cube is fully closed. The tabletop varies in its height but follows a simple rule: The smaller the table is, the higher is the mounted cube. The Trio is made to fit into each other. Arranged as a group it creates a landscape that offers different levels. In the role of soloists they operate in a spectrum between coffee table, sideboard, occasional workplace and by their spotted pattern they are an eye-catching centrepiece for the living environment.

We transferred the effects of osmosis caused by salt onto wood. First the surface is glazed monochrome or multi-colour, then it is sprinkled with salt. The results are affected by the kind of salt used, humidity and length of reaction time.

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Launched: 2014
Manufactured by: llot llov – ARTWORK SHOP GmbH









photo credit: Ender Suenni