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The private desk is a small office unit which needs to be able to take a series of different things. Everyday communication, the tax report or invoicing take place here. The desk is being used as an entire workspace and at times it is even used in more unusual ways. Depending on what activity is going on at the time things which sit or lie around are being moved to the side to make room for what is currently needed. It is not unusual to find stacks of paper, box files and stationary items building up along the sides of desks. It gets to the point depending on level of busyness and personal tidiness where all the accumulated things start to hinder our activities. But quite often the supposed chaos has its own hidden order. Stacks are being ordered according to themes or urgency but even sorting through stacks slows us down and takes up valubale time.
The desk ‘Clark’ provides temporary storage which is not about filing or sorting but simply stacking. Everything stays within reach and does not disappear In drawers or cupboards.
The areas for staionary are grouped around the desk. To the left there Is a deep case which can hold big stacks. The case Is open and slightly tilted towards the desk. To the rear there Is a case attached to the workspace which holds box files. The files sink completely Into the case but can be reached easily through the opening at the back. The shallow mould at the back Is suitable for smaller stacks. To the right there Is a compartment which can be used for a variety of things. It sits at a slight angle which allows you to store any rolling objects. 'Clark' Is an object which picks up on the most common ways of keeping objects on your desk and enables you to do this In a variety of ways.
The name has been Inspired by the English word 'clerk'. A clerk can be found In banks, offices or councils and despite 'Clark' being an extremely well organized desk there Is nothing bureaucratic about It.

Launched: 2010
Manufactured by: llot llov – ARTWORK SHOP GmbH


photo credit: Vera Hofmann