Das Wilde Denken


In December the workshop 'Das Wilde Denken' took place at llot llov studio. llot llov made 5 objects for the table during the 2,5 days.

The exhibition lasts till the end of January 2013 at BAERCK store.


Following text by Depot Basel:

‹Wildes Denken› is a workshop for improvisation, for using creativity spontaneously and practically. A group of invited participants will – within 2,5 days – create ‹Objects for the table› out of (residual) material, provided by Depot Basel and Baerck.

The focus is more on the experiment and the direct, spontaneous making, and less on a reflected and structured design process. Just as the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss has written in ‹La Pensée Sauvage›: “The hobbyist does not invent entirely new things, but he improvises and combines materials that he has at hand.”

 All items are on sale at BAERCK, Mulackstrasse 12, Berlin Mitte until 2nd February 2013. Open Monday - Saturday daily from 12 - 8 pm.

 Photographed by Vera Hofmann



More information about the workshop and the exhibition under following links:





ONE WAY - table object

ONE WAY - table object

HELLO ZZZZZISCH - table object with magnet

HELLO ZZZZZISCH - table object with magnet

HELLO! - note holder

AUSTER - table mirror

Opening at BAERCK

Opening at BAERCK